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Statist argument: MA won't work because the people (or a critical mass thereof) are inherently evil.
Response: Any system of government derives its power from the will of the people, if not by direct consent, then at least by indifference. Even a highly centralized state can not prevent evil actions of the people. IOW, ideology is the true power, not the law enforcers.

A little explanation on why this is here: I've had this idea since the old ASC days, but I never followed up on it because video editing was just too difficult back then. That's since changed, but it was really a bizarre happenstance that provoked me to start working on this. I was talking to a fellow student in one of my math classes yesterday when the topic turned to gasoline prices; he mentioned to me that he'd seen a video on YouTube showing how the price of gas has stayed fixed in terms of gold over the last 40 years. I had seen the video he was talking about (the first one in the list of examples), and he admitted that he was bored silly by economics, but that he was still interested in learning about how inflation impacted him directly. Apparently, the slow and graphic-heavy YouTube video explained more to him in 5 minutes than two college courses could. I immediately had an epiphany about connecting the freedom movement in its entirety with the wider public through a light but serious documentary series. On that note, I threw together the wiki with some requests for ideas from anyone and everyone that I know.

Why is this here? by SeanCoughlinSeanCoughlin, 24 Apr 2008 02:30

In order to avoid duplication of effort, I was thinking about creating a master list of individuals contacted and approving of working on the documentary. We could do this as a wiki, as it'd be much easier to update.
This brings up an important issue however: security. I've set this wiki up without any tracing of IPs or even email addresses. The only requirement is that I unilaterally authorize a user to have access, usually by having the wiki software send an automated invite. The people I'm sending the invite to can create any login ID they want; I've used my real name. Of course, we don't have to use real names, but if we don't there might be problems with being able to see who's really active, how to contact them, etc.
Also, I've allowed the wiki and forums to be viewable to the world, meaning that your ID isn't just available to us members, but also to anyone on the web who has this address. It's possible to make this wiki user-access only, thus removing some areas of concern, but we'd then lose a lot of flexibility.

What should we do about this?

The wiki software here is decent, which will help us collaborate on the episode scripts.
However, this forum software is horrible. Let me know if you think we can use this software as-is, or if you have any ideas on other places to look.

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