Market Anarchy Documentary Series: A Request For Comment [RFC]

Here is the original RFC

The following is a RFC created by Sean Coughlin on 4/22/08

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Reason for RFC

A number of video logs [vlogs] on popular video sharing sites have appeared lately. Diverse in topics and eclectic in style, these vlogs appear to be coming closer to what we normally consider to be fully-fledged professional documentary programs; something released by The Discovery Channel or Ken Burns. The quality of these documentaries compared to the detritus of most discussion vlogs is obviously due to the artistic talent of their creators/narrators. This talent can be copied.
The effectiveness of these documentaries bears mention: this writer has on multiple occasions, encountered people he knows (both IRL and online) discussing topics covered in the documentaries. This is an impressive fact.
The dwindling of coverage of the Ron Paul campaign has left liberty-oriented theorists with little left to discuss with wider society. [Post-campaign discussions like this vlog can only maintain attention for a while: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iW5kOB1pmg ] It is critical for the success of the liberty movement that its supporters take initiative to maintain the engagement with wider society that the Ron Paul campaign brought.
Tangentially, there has been a massive worldwide Internet-based social movement of individuals loosely associated with the “hacker” organization Anonymous called Project Chanology. This social movement represents, in the opinion of this writer, a foundational change in way that society is organized. [The first and last minute of this vlog explains this issue in more detail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuHF_br-DBs ] The failure of popular intuitions to recognize this developing social movement is almost criminal in its negligence.
With all of the above in mind, this writer proposes that we create a new documentary series, in the style of the above-mentioned documentaries, on Market Anarchy theory. This documentary series may align the current Market Anarchy movement with the wider developing Internet-based social movement. This is an opportunity that Market Anarchy supporters can not miss.
Market Anarchy (or Volunteerism, Anarcho-Capitalism, Libertarianism, etc.) has been well represented via text blogs and audio podcasts in the past. The modest popularity of these materials is very likely due to the nature of their media themselves, rather that the persons involved or the pro-liberty content discussed. A multi-media documentary series, in the nature of the examples given below, may very well lead to a massive increase in the discussion surrounding Market Anarchy theory.
This RFC gives a basic overview of what this documentary series might appear like. It is here for review, being linked to a number of individuals that have shown interest in spreading Market Anarchy theory in the past. Please review this proposal and comment on it via the forum software attached, or by sending an email to the writer.
I appreciate any feedback or criticisms on the nature of this RFC and the ideas behind its creation.

Target demographic

  • Younger (16+) U.S. and Canadian audience, primarily college students
    • Other nations and older viewers certainly acceptable, but secondary to project
  • Anonymous & other “hacker” organizations


  • Completion of Project Chanology
  • Lull in or completion of 2008 U.S. election

Name of documentary

  • Working title: “State, Market, and Liberty”


(Note: these vlogs may be somewhat polemic and repetitious, but this is due to this writer’s tendency to pay attention to these types of documentaries)


  • Will be educative & introductory
  • Will be apologia, not polemic


  • This is for education and intellectual discussion only
  • Danger of committing too much time/resources/emotions to this topic (The last thing we want is accusations of treason or provoking criminal behavior.)


  • A number of individual episode each designed around a limited topics
  • Each episode would include narration by multiple individuals and would include visualized text references from Market Anarchy resources, as well as clips from interviews

Resources needed

  • A number of narrators
  • A forum to discuss, work on, and critique the script for each episode
  • A locked wiki page to display the current-state version of the script
  • Members skilled at locating public-domain resources (images, quotes, etc.)
  • Members skilled in Adobe Premier, PowerPoint, or other media editors

Proposed Episodes

  1. Introduction
    • Modern and contemporary history of intellectualism
    • Cognitive dissonance
    • The State
    • Liberty (NIOF, etc.)
    • Statism versus liberty
    • What Market Anarchy would bring
      • Peace, prosperity, justice, unification of societies, etc.
    • Pragmatism in discussing Market Anarchy
  2. History of Market Anarchy
    • Molinari
    • Rothbard
    • Kropotkin and other forms of anarchy
    • Internecine disputes, factions, etc.
  3. Economics 1 (What’s wrong)
    • Corporatism overview
    • Disincentive from transfer payments
    • Macroeconomics: inflation & ABCT
    • Non-Austrian economic arguments
  4. Corporatism
    • Regulation
    • Competition law, antitrust, etc.
    • Corruption of media
      • Example from John R. Lott’s Freedomnomics about Montana State University
  5. Power and factionalism
  6. Economics 2 (How to fix it)
    • Free banking
    • Contractual agreements
    • Voluntary welfare
    • Cooperative defense
      • Free-rider problem
  7. The Market Anarchy society
    • Free association
    • Market-based morality
      • Answer to critics of Enlightenment
      • Anonymous and Project Chanology
    • Pacifism
    • Open interpretation on resolving divisive issues
        • Drugs, abortion, etc.
  8. Counter arguments and critique
    • Common fallacies
      • Psychology fallacy (Rebellious attitude versus Nursery State)
      • “That won’t work in reality” fallacy
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